Our Dedicated Server

6 core AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 3600

32 gb ram.     2 x 490 SSD

More than enough to run a few 7 Days To Die game servers.

Saints N Sinners Compo

Saints N Sinners Compo is a lightly modded server with compopack installed.   Only mods are an UI mod and a larger backpack mod.

You will have to download the compopack and install it to your home computer here.

The First Server

Custom Gear

Unique Creatures



Unique Exprience

Custom Map

The Testing Server

Saints N Sinners 
Test Server

We have to have a place to test stuff out before we roll things out to the main server !    

If you are interested in being a Beta Tester please send a DM to Taosst in the discord server.

The server changes all the time,  so don't plan on extended builds !     Rates and settings will be adjusted depending upon our testing requirements.

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