Discord server invite:


General Rules 

- No racism or griefing of any kind.

- No advertising other clusters.

- No posting other people’s personal information.

- Be respectful to Admins and Staff.

- Accusations against our team will not be tolerated.

- Do not impersonate staff members. 

Cluster Rules 

- No hacking/abusing any game bugs and exploits or plugin/mod bugs and exploits.

- Tribes intentionally causing server performance issues (lag, crashes, etc.) will be banned without warning.

- When egg hunting, do not drop low level eggs that you do not want. You should eat them instead. Dropping the eggs prevents new ones from spawning.

- Do not leave doors, boxes, or anything of that nature open.

- Do not loot open boxes without their owner’s permission.

- Do not place public teleporters within closed area bases (Don’t trap people with your teleporters.).

- Do not leave dinos on wander without a leash while you are offline. Dinos found breaking this rule will be destroyed without notice.

- We will not assist in player corpse recovery if either: the death was not server side or the base you logged out in did not have walls and a roof (It’s a good practice to sleep in a completely enclosed base on a bed for maximum safety.). 


Building Rules

 - Tribes may have 1 Main Base and 2 Outposts per map.   Main bases should be more than just a box.  Put some thought into it - Do not build within render distance of another person’s base unless that person has given their approval.

- Land claiming using pillars or foundations is not allowed.

- Do not build near or on rich resource spawns, this prevents them from spawning. Anything blocking rich resource spawns will be destroyed with no warning.

- Do not leave traps on the map any longer than necessary.   Traps at or extremely close to your base are fine.   If a trap is up and you are not active, then please make sure its all unlocked so others might use it if necessary.    Take down when you can.

- Do not spam RR trees when building, they can cause massive amounts of lag. Please try and limit them to the decoration of small gardens or just around your base.

- Do not place public teleporters within closed area bases (Don’t trap people with your teleporters.).