Saints N Sinners Gaming servers

General Info  

 The cluster is composed of 3 permanent base maps consisting of Ragnarok, Lost Island, and Vaguero.    A fourth game server will host a rotating map to explore the majority of the maps and have boss fights.  The cluster is a challenge at the start since dino levels are maxed at 600 and level progression is slow. 


Cluster Rates Info    

1x Experience      2x  Harvest       5x Taming


Cluster Mod List 

1814953878    Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered

1404697612    Awesome SpyGlass!

731604991     Structures Plus (S+)

2465748723    Eddys Lighting

2572663743    Excalibur Tranqs

2107956699 Integration

2693727499    MX-E Ark Shop UI

1976698613    RR- HomeDeko and more!

2656435527    RR- Gardendeko and more!

1251632107    Immersive Taming

1565015734    Kraken's better Dinos

842913750     HG Stacking Mod 2500-50 V314