About Taosst

Gaming and EVE Online

Spent 10 years gaming on EVE Online (2006-2016) until I got burned out and friends had moved on to other games.


After EVE Online 

A few of us tried ARK: Survival Evolved.   We played on different servers until we realized that most were either lacking in some mod or something.   I took it on myself to rent a game server and we went from there.


Saints N Sinners Gaming

Over time we evolved,  we prospered, and we grew in numbers.   We expanded out into RUST,  ECO,  Empyrion,  7 Days To Die, and others.  Then over time people went elsewhere,  stopped gaming,  or moved into other games.    Saints N Sinners went inactive for about the last year.    And just now,  I am rebooting it!

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