Do you have what it takes to survive?


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We are a 7 Days To Die gaming community

Currently have  a lightly modded server with compopack on a KingGen map.

We have big plans for the future !

  • Custom food recipes
  • Custom armor, guns, vehicles and more!
  • Custom map with unique POI

Our Future

The ultimate goal is to make an unique 7 Days To Die experience for our community.

Custom Gear

  • More Armor options
  • More guns
  • More ammo options
  • More vehicles !

Custom Map

Custom 8k or 10k  map

Teleport system utilizing POI

Main city is lethal !  


Unique POI

Custom POI from community members and others provide a unique experience.

Custom Food Recipes

Additional crops !

And therefore additional food recipes!

Unique Creatures

Unique zombies and bosses !

End game !

Still a work in progress,  but a combination of everything plus:

Custom classes
Additional crafting stations

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